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Construct 2 is a program that lets you create HTML5 computer games without any programming experience using an intuitive, "drag and drop" development environment. Most of the programs tools can be used from the graphical interface without writing a single line of code.

Construct 2 is aimed at creating 2D games, and comes with lots of resources that make this easy, including a physics engine that causes items in the game to be governed by the law of gravity, as well as graphic and sound bits like sprites, backgrounds, and sound effects. Furthermore, it is a simple matter to add any media file from outside the application.

The philosophy of Construct 2 is one of simplicity, and an intuitive visual environment. When you drag out your sprites and lay out their position on screen, another part of the program will make them interact with other objects according to the object type. For example, "My character -> hits a wall -> stops". How easy to understand is that?

The free version lets you export your creations to HTML5, which can be played on any browser regardless of platform, but this won't earn you any money. The pro paid version, though, adds an export tool that allows your games to run on Android or iOS terminals and create executables that can be run on a PC without a browser.

Undoubtedly, Construct 2 is an interesting tool for anyone who wants to start making video games but has no programming skills. Its easy tools and extensive documentation make it an interesting choice.
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